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    Welcome to our school! We hope you enjoy reading our blogs on our new website and getting a sense of the special place that this is! We are a school that invests in memorable learning.


    We want learning to be exciting , for teaching to be effective and for relationships to be strong based on mutual respect.


    The following links will be really useful for you as you and your child as they rise to the learning challenges ahead:


    • The Bucket and Spade List Year R to 6 (if you have any additional ideas for games let me know)

    The Bucket and Spade list


    A brief summary of how children learn. This is a short summary of learning theory and it will assist you in understanding the learning process.


    Home Learning and the Ebbinghaus Link


    The attachment above uses the phrase ‘drip,drip of learning ‘ and below are the areas of focus we have at Highfield


    Key Areas for home Yr R to Yr 2

    Key Areas for home Lower Juniors (Yr3 and 4)

    Key Areas for home Upper Junior Yr5 and Yr 6


    Please look at the calendar of events on this website and on the Updates. Home contact and learning is also supported through our Highfield ‘OurSchoolsApp’. Talk Time Learning (TTL) suggestions can be found in the information section.