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Compliments, Concerns or Complaints

Communication between home, school and the community in all its forms should be valued as an important aspect of developing and securing partnerships on all sides. We conduct regular surveys to gain parents views; encourage parents to talk to the school; to tell the school about aspects that have gone well, to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of their child’s teachers and also to talk to the school when they have concerns. If parents have complaints, which are best described as ‘a serious dissatisfaction,’ then the school needs to hear these as well. There are procedures for all of these so that everyone has the same expectations of a situation.

 Nature of Communication  To whom it should be addressed in the first instance
A Compliment Class Teacher

Lack of progress of own child Class Teacher

Behaviour of own child Class Teacher

Competence of class Teacher Head or Deputy Head Teacher

Behaviour of other children Head or Deputy Head Teacher

Dissatisfaction with the way the Head teacher or Deputy has handled a complaint Chair of Governors

Complaint about the Head Teacher Chair of Governors

Complaint about the curriculum Chair of Governors, who may send it on to the Local Authority or diocese depending upon the nature of the complaint

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