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Here you will find resources for you to help you understand elements of how the core subjects are taught.

  • Four Operation Ladders – A guide of the methods used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Reading – How to help your child with their reading.
  • Maths Target Steps – A spreadsheet containing  Maths target steps for all year groups, including links to suitable practice activities on Espresso.  Each year group has its own tab within the document (e.g. Target Step 5 is under the TS5 tab).
  • Year 5 Badge Booklet
  • Year 6 Badge Booklet

Highfield School have an annual subscription to the website ‘Espresso’. Espresso is a fantastic resource to use at home in supporting your child with their education. There are games and resources for each curriculum area. Please log in and explore it with your child.


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