Our Handbook

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 Section  Contents
Just Starting School – checklist A2
Pupil Registration Form A3 – A6
Parental Consent Form A7
Home-School Arrangement A8
Voluntary Help in School Letter A9
General Information Aim; maps; floor plans; personnel; Update; school photographs; how the classes are organised; transfer; School Development Plan; policies; Compliments, concerns, complaint B1 – B8
New Parent Handbook  Reception class—getting ready for school  Uniform; starting school; transfer between classes; playtimes; snacks; lunches; vists; valuables; rules, rewards and sanctions; School Council; helping in school

Safeguarding, Health & Safety Security measures; safeguarding and child protection; school nurse and dentist; sickness; sun safety; medication; head lice; asthma; allergies; Administration of medication request form G1 – G7

Governors Information; form H1 – H3

Highfield School Association Information; form I1 – I3

Friends Information; school improvements; form J1 – J4

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