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Who is on the governing body?

The instrument of Government gives:

      • 4 x Parent Governors
      • 1 x Local Authority Governor
      • 1 x Headteacher
      • 1 x Staff Governor
      • 9 x Foundation Governors (2 of whom at the time of their appointment shall be eligible for election or appointment as parent governors) and the Vicar of Highfield Church (or a church representative)  
of Gov
Offices held Attendance Start
of Interests
Mrs Helen Thompson


Foundation Chair              Finance & Resources Committee, Vice Chair, Headteacher Performance Management & Pupil Premium 100% 2014 2022 None declared
2022 None declared
Mrs Leslie Fuller Foundation Foundation 100% 2004 2022 None declared
Mrs Lucy Heptinstall Foundation Co-Chair Faith in Learning Foundation Group 100% 2012 2021 Member of staff at another Southampton School
Mrs E Ford Staff Governor Faith in Learning Committee 100% 2020 2024 Staff member
Dr Alan Hunt Foundation Chair of Finance & Resources, Chair of Admissions Group and Appeals Governor 100% 2014 2022 None declared
Mrs Polly Cross Foundation Faith in Learning 100%  2017  2021 None declared
Mrs Jackie James Clerk to the Governors Staff member
Mrs Lisa Warren Headteacher All Committees and Groups 100% 2020 Staff member
Mrs Emma Sheppard Parent  Governor Faith in Learning Committee, Safeguarding 2018 2022  Member of staff at another Southampton School
Mr Tony Ridley Foundation Finance and Resources, Health and Safety 100% 2018 2022
Mr Jimmy Ward Foundation Faith in Learning Committee,
Foundation Group, Website Governor
83.3% 2017 2021 Member of staff at another Southampton School
Miss Rosie Savill Associate Deputy Headteacher who observes most
Committees and groups
2020 Staff member

Governors who have resigned or whose tenure has expired:

Mr Pardinez-soils  Parent Governor  Finance & ResourcesTraining Liaison Governor  2017  2018 -resigned (moved) None declared
Mr Cathie  Parent  Finance & Res 2014  2018  end of tenure
Mr Hodges Parent Finance & Res 2017  2018 – resigned

Mr Keith Reed           LA Governor        Co Chair of Governors                     2019            2020 –  resigned

Mr Kevin McAdam    Parent Governor   Finance & Resources Committee    2018            2020 – resigned

Rev Mike Archer       Vicar ex-officio      Admissions Group, Foundation committee        2018 – resigned

Mr Steven Ossont       Parent                    Faith in Learning Committee          2018            2020 – resigned



Committee Terms of Reference _ Each of our committees have clear terms of reference that guide their work in school. These are reviewed annually and are then used to plan for governor strategic direction and agenda setting throughout the year. 


Governors have an action plan that links to their committees which determines areas of strategic focus within each year. This is our Governor Action Plan overview for this year. 

Governor Action plan 2021






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