Friends of Highfield

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Friends of Highfield Church of England School Trust

Since 1955 Highfield School has been a Voluntary Aided Church of England School. As a result the school must make a contribution every year to the Winchester Diocese towards any capital expenditure that may be required, for example to cover the cost of building renovations and improvements.

The income to pay this contribution is not provided in the school’s annual Local Authority budget and is raised from contributions from parents of present and former pupils.

The ‘Friends of Highfield School’ was established as a charitable body to collect these contributions. Being a charity, it is a tax efficient method of raising the necessary funds. The ‘Friends’ continues to this day.

The main fundraising event is in ‘Friends Week’ which is usually held once each school year. There will be a ‘Friends Week’ during the forthcoming school year so please be on the look out for letters coming home with further details.

A contribution of about £20—£30 per child per year is usually suggested. Contributions are not obligatory but we do need this money to continue to develop the school buildings as an excellent resource for education.

The money raised by Friends is used exclusively to improve the fabric of the school, the teaching environment and as a consequence the quality of the education available. And giving to Friends makes great financial sense, as every £100 contributed results in £1000 being available to the school for building works. That’s a tenfold increase on all money raised, and this is even greater where contributions are Gift Aided.

“As a parent who is unable to support the school by helping out in the classroom or through after school activities, I believe the best way I can support the work of the school is by contributing towards Friends.”

We welcome whatever support you can give.

See how have the parent contributions to the Friends of Highfield CE Primary School been spent.

Future plans include developing the facilities in the Infant Department and creating a new Art and DT area at the Juniors.

The school needs to maintain your support in order to obtain the funding.

You can make a contribution in one of the following ways:

By Standing Order – this is a great way to make regular contributions either monthly, quarterly or annually spread over a period of time to suit you.

By Cheque – just make your cheque payable to ‘Friends of Highfield’

By Cash contribution (although making out a cheque is safer) – Please put your contribution in an envelope and send to the School office.

Whatever way you choose to donate, don’t forget to sign the Gift Aid section of the Gift Aid Form (please copy and paste the link below to get access to the Gift Aid form):


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