The great pumpkin exploration!

Year 1/2 had and awesome time exploring giant pumpkins today! The children collected some fantastic words to describe the pumpkins and we even got to investigate the inside of them! This is going to guide our literacy tomorrow to write a fabulous pumpkin description.

A great start for Maple

Hi everyone at home, from Maple class! We have had a great start to this term and wanted to tell you two exciting new things we have been up to. 1. We have chosen and begun our new class reading book called ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown. We are enjoying…

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The Hundred Decker Bus

During Literacy this week in Year 2, the children have been writing a diary entry in the role of Bill, the bus driver from the book ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’! They have been applying their understanding of the diary entry text type from last week and used their plans to…

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