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What are the times of the school day?

Infant department
Open from 8.50

Session times:
9:00am – 12 noon
1:00pm – 3:15pm

Junior department
Open from 8.45

Session times:
8:55am – 12 noon
1:00pm – 3:25pm

Does it matter if my child is late coming to school or late being collected?

All outside doors are closed at the start of the first session and the only entrance into both departments is through the main reception door. Registers are taken in the morning and afternoon sessions and close 5 minutes after the start of each session.  Any pupils who arrive within 30 minutes of the start times will be marked as late.  Lateness of over 30 minutes will be recorded as absence for the whole session.  Arriving late to class causes disruption to lessons, embarrasses the child and can result in a lower rate of learning progress.
Children who arrive after this time will be marked as late and the reason should be entered in the late book in reception. A record is kept of persistent late comers and late collections and the Local Authority Educational Welfare Officer is contacted as appropriate. It is also important to note that children should not be arriving too early without an adult being present as there is no one at school to supervise them.  There is a breakfast club provision, based at the Infant Site should you wish to drop your child off early prior to school gate opening times.

What if my child is ill or has an appointment?

If your child is unwell and not able to go to school please could you phone the school, select option 2 and leave a message, telling us the name of your child,  their class or base and the nature of their illness.

Please could you let us know each day they are off school sick. A letter of explanation will be needed on their return to school for any absence of more than 3 days.

A letter needs to be sent into school prior to an absence due to a visit to the dentist/doctor etc.  If you still require a school lunch for your child please ensure the school is notified prior to 10.00am and notify which band type they require. If the Admin Team receives no contact, you will receive an unexplained absence letter and be asked to provide the reason. If you receive a communication but feel you have already notified the school, please do not be alarmed, just contact us or call in to let us know.

As part of the School’s safeguarding procedures, all children need to be signed out of and into school outside of the normal school session times.

Guidance about absence can be found here: Is my child well enough for school

What happens if the school has to close unexpectedly?

In the event of the school being closed due to unforeseen circumstances, this information will be on the Southampton City Council website.  The school will endeavour to contact all parents through the mobile texting system, ‘Call Parent’. Please note when numerous schools are closing because of snow the message service can be slow and will very much depend on networks. It is most important for parents/guardians to update the school with any changes to their contact numbers to avoid missing important messages of this nature.

What if we need to take a holiday in term time?

The school cannot authorise holiday in term time. Any holidays taken without prior notice to the school are immediately classed as unauthorised. The school liaises closely with the Education Welfare Officer regarding unauthorised absence.

What should we do if we are moving?

It is very important for Parents to notify the Admin staff in writing of any change of address. If you are moving out of the area and leaving school please write in advance to advise us of the anticipated last day in school.

Children will receive a bible in church if they have attended the school for at least one year.

What are the dropping off and picking up arrangements?

– Start of the day:
Teachers are in the classroom 10 minutes before the start of the day. We ask that you ensure your child is in school during this time.

Infant Department children enter the school from the Reception playground.
Junior Department children enter the school through their cloakroom door.

Any adults accessing the school should report to Reception to sign in and collect a visitors badge.

– End of the day:
Infant children are dismissed into the Reception playground when staff can see a parent or guardian who is responsible for them. If someone else is meeting your child you need to complete the information chart in your child’s classroom or at the Junior site advise the Teacher.

In the event of an emergency, please phone the school if you are going to be late.

At the end of the day children who have not been collected will wait in the reception area of their department and their names recorded. Persistent late collection will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer.

– Church:
On Thursday the whole school meet together in church for the weekly church service. Parents need to come into the church to collect their child(ren). Older children are allowed to leave the church on their own if this is the normal arrangement. A member of staff remains with uncollected children and if necessary will take them to their department for safety.

– Parking:
Parking near the school is very restricted so you need to park in a nearby road and walk to each school department entrance. When doing so, please give consideration to the local community and do not park over dropped kerbs or other areas where there are restrictions.

Please do not park directly outside the entrances of either department. It is not safe for children using these entrances at the start and end of the day if there are moving vehicles by the gates.  The local Police Officers regularly patrol both schools at drop off/pick up times to ensure parking is lawful and safe.  They will take registration numbers and fine repeat offenders.

Please note that there is no parking in the church centre or in Glebe Court for school cars.

Mobile Phones: Parent and Pupil Emergency Mobile Phone Agreement can be requested through application to the head teacher. In principle mobile phones are not allowed in school.

Does the school have a School Travel Plan?

Highfield CE Primary School has a Travel Plan. We have adhered to the aim of making the school journey/environment safer and healthier for pupils, staff and visitors, by emphasising walking, public transport and cycling as better modes of transport.  The School was awarded the SUSTRANS Bronze Award in 2014.

Southampton City Council Policy:
Southampton City Council is committed to reducing road congestion and improving the air quality and the environment via the Local Transport Plan (LTP) 2 and the School Travel Plan strategy.

– Cycling to School Guidelines
Highfield CE Primary School asks for the co-operation of parents in a determined effort to keep pupil cyclists safe. You will realise that it is essential if accidents are to be avoided that the bicycle used by pupils should be in a thoroughly roadworthy condition and the cyclists should wear appropriate safety items.

Pupils cycling must dismount at the school gates; nobody should cycle on the school premises. Highfield CE Primary School is committed to ensuring the safety of its pupils and information on all aspects of safe cycling is available from the Road Safety team at Southampton City Council. (Pupils in Year 5 and 6 are offered Cycling Proficiency lessons in the Summer term.)

We recommend that properly fitted helmets and fluorescent items should be worn and that items are carried in panniers or in back packs.

Parents must ensure that their child has a locking mechanism to secure their bicycle while it is on school premises. We would recommend that the bicycle is traceable through post coding and that you are fully covered on your household insurance against damage or theft.

The school cannot accept responsibility for the safe custody of bicycles left on the premises.

– Scooters at School Guidelines
Scooter riders must dismount at the school gates; nobody should ride on the school premises. Parents must ensure that their child has a locking mechanism to secure the scooter to one of the racks provided while it is on school premises.

The school cannot accept responsibility for the safe custody of scooters left on the premises.




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