Jubilee celebrations

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This week the children have been learning about the Queen and why we are celebrating her.  We had a lovely picnic in the playground wearing red, white and blue, we decorated union jacks and even came up with some more funky designs for it and the children even had a go at showing off their artistic skills when drawing the Queen!


Some children in Willow Base also had a go at guessing what The Queen had in her handbag, here are some of the guesses:

Isabella – some coins

Sophia – some make-up

Daya – a phone, cream for her face and gloves

Saffa – some leaves

Sam – maybe some treasures

Jane – a real life big bear

Eleonore – a golden crown

Idris – a robot toy which poops on people

Rahul – ice cream and a yellow hat

Evie – a golden ring

Shyleen –  a phone that you call other people on

Hrid – some sun cream so she doesn’t get sunburnt

Anees – a golden flip phone



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