British Science Week 2022

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The 2022 British Science Week theme is GROWTH and at Highfield school we have certainly enjoyed exploring it.

The whole school have nurtured and tracked their in class plants and our potatoes are also being chitted soon.

We decided to incorporate ‘growth’ into our maths lessons in KS1 where we performed an investigation into our heights. We measured ourselves in m and cm and had a matching piece of string so we could make predictions and compare our height to others and items around us. We have also been tracking our tadpoles growth. They grow SO much faster that humans!

In year R they have been making incredible predictions about reactions too. Just look at this writing about what they think will happen when a mento mint is placed in a fizzy drink bottle! Super writing.

Science is really enjoyed in school as a whole and we give credit to our fantastic, enthusiastic, budding young scientists.

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