Application Friday

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What a busy first week back the year 6s have had in maths! We have started our new decimals topic, and the children have been fantastic at using their previous knowledge of decimals and links to our number topic, to showcase their detailed understanding already. We have looked at what decimals are, how they link to fractions, and the many ways that we can represent them. Since we cover so much learning throughout the week, we use our Friday lesson to stop and reflect, allowing the children time to choose what area they feel they would like to work further on, or try a challenge within! This Friday saw the year 6s choosing their challenge based around multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. It has been a fluency the children have used many times before, so it was fantastic to see the children all being so reflective and picking a challenge that they thought was right for them! We had children trying worded problems, representing their understanding and even making their own questions for their friends to try!

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