Magical maths!

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In maths this week, the year 6s have been taking a look at multiplying fractions. We began by looking at multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers) by focusing on repeated addition and multiplying the numerator. We then looked at what happens if we have to multiply fractions by fractions….

We began by using paper to help us understand why we need to change our denominator when we multiply them together. The children were all fantastic and made brilliant links to what they already knew about fractions and multiplication itself (there were a few surprises when we found our answer actually gets smaller!). We then looked at representing our equations with bar models, and then finally recognising that all we have to do is multiply the numerators and denominators! It was a great lesson filled with lots of ‘AHA!’ and ‘OHHHH!’ moments, and the children all worked so hard to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind this tricky mathematical area.

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