Primary maths challenge!

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Children in year 6 this week had the opportunity to take part in the Primary Maths Challenge…

‘The PMC is not designed to be just another test in the school year. We are of the belief that the PMC encourages enthusiasm, boosts confidence in mathematics and shows the different way questions can be asked. We believe in the importance of problem solving as a means of helping pupils develop their reasoning skills.’

The children had 45 minutes to complete a range of problems designed to steadily increase in difficultly. It tested them on reasoning, problem solving, accuracy of workings and thinking outside of the box! It was wonderful to see the children all engage really well with the task and celebrate their successes when they worked out a problem! The resilience was brilliant to see and really showcased the children’s love of learning and enjoyment for maths.

Well done to all of those who took part!

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