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This week in literacy, the year 5/6 children have been looking at playscripts. As we draw to the end of our Odyssey topic, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at the play version of the scene we have just described. In class, we had a try at reading the text and discussing how we may want each character to sound based upon what was happening in the scene. We looked at different ways to read with fluency and intonation, for example speeding parts of the sentence up, slowing them down and looking to streeeeetttttccccchhhhhh certain words for dramatic impact. The children then had a page to practice in groups of three to work on these different ways of reading with fluency. At the end of the lesson, we put each group together to run through the whole scene! It was a wonderful opportunity for children to really become familiar with a piece of writing and practice how they want to make their character come across to their audience. We are all excited to have a go at writing the dramatic ending to the scene next week!

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