Mastery maths!

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The year 6s have been very busy in maths during the past few weeks! As a class, we have been looking at long multiplication. This is a method that children saw last year, but found quite challenging, so we have started the year off by working on this fluency. The children have explored all the small steps to the method, which has involved multiplying mentally, partitioning then multiplying and finally the different equations that are solved within long multiplication. It is a very tricky skill, but the children have worked so hard and done a wonderful job at mastering this method! There have been numerous challenges that have been completed (some have even included Mr Lewis’ face!) and a group have also had a try a new method that the year 6s last year tried! They used showbie to watch a video recording of some previous students, and worked with resilience to try another method for multiplying larger numbers. What a week! Our learning wall is also now available on showbie, so if your child is in year 6, they will be able to show our learning journey to you at home!

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