From Klee to Clay!

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After learning all about the artist Paul Klee last half term, the past few weeks’ Art lessons in Year 3/4 have been all about sculpting with clay!

To begin with, we explored shaping, moulding, carving and joining clay, which gave us an idea about what was and wasn’t possible with the material. We then designed and made our own clay jars using a coiling technique, inspired by the Egyptian canopic jars we’d been learning about in History lessons!

This week, we took part in a whole school Art project, which involved making clay leaves. We went outside to find some leaves to base our creations on, and pressed them into flattened clay to create an imprint. Then, using the different tools we had available, we carved round the edge of the leaves. As the finished leaves will be hung up as part of a display, we used a piece of dowelling to press holes into them for the string to go through. Next up: painting!

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