MOOT week!

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It has been a great week back after half term in Year 5/6 where the children have started their third MOOT project. Each child had to choose an Olympics and then complete a range of tasks linked to this. It has been fantastic to see the children so engaged with the range of sports and athletes and appreciate how much resilience, hard-work and determination goes into winning an Olympic gold! So far the children have written diary entries as if they are a famous Olympian and met a range of writing targets linked to this style. They completed research about their Olympian to really immerse themselves within the task. The best fact we found out was about Usain Bolt, who ate chicken nuggets before the 100m final! We have also completed the project front covers, created a pie chart, researched venues and started a piece of art work! The standard of work has been fantastic, and all the teachers have been so impressed with the resilience that the children have shown to work so well independently. Our learning walls show the great range of work on show so far, and we look forwards to continuing on with our projects next week!

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