Reading! Reading! Reading!

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Another fantastic week in year 5/6 has seen children really thinking about their audience as they write. Children finished and published their instructions for making a bug hotel and have now began planning to write another set of instructions about a mythical animal (stay tuned for the published results!). To help with really thinking about writing to an audience, some children in Asia class spent part of the afternoon reading out loud via google meet to some children in year 2. It was a lovely way of working on both tone, intonation and accuracy and the children in Willow class loved the story! This really helped children with the checking of their work to make sure that when read out loud, it suited the purpose for the audience.

Each class in year 5/6 also have their own class text that they read regularly in school. Asia class took the opportunity to read their text outside in the sunshine and are thoroughly enjoy the story plot so far!

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