World Maths Day!

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In year 5/6 the children have spent the morning (and most of the afternoon!) celebrating World Maths Day! The children were all asked to bring in a banana so they could be used to measure their heights. It was a fantastic morning where the children worked mathematically and looked at their understanding of measure in a slightly different way! After finding the heights of everyone in the class, the children then used this new understanding to work out the heights of different objects…in bananas! Here is what we found…

Eiffel Tower: 1,800 bananas tall.
The Empire State building: 3,200 bananas tall.
Statue of Rio: 248 bananas tall.
Burj Khalifa: 4,611.1 bananas tall.
Shanghai Tower: 3,511.1 bananas tall.
Abraj Al-Bait Clock tower: 3,338.8 bananas tall.

We even found out that the Euro star journey from London to Belgium is 2,113,605.12 bananas long!

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