British Science Week 2021

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This week as a whole school we have been celebrating British Science Week!
In year 1 and reception we learned about plastics, classifying them (using a floating and sinking test) and alternative sustainable materials. We now know a song about littering too. We have also been talking lots about the Mars Rover landing and the meteor that fragmented onto our planet.
Year 2 learned about their famous scientist for this year, Rachel Carson and how we are now careful with fertilizers and pesticides.
Year 3 and 4 have been at the common, representing a living tree with people and experimenting with food colour uptake into flower petals in different conditions.
Finally in Year 5 and 6 they designed robobugs, insects for assisting the future!
Take a look at some of our photos and please talk to our pupils about their amazing science learning this week.

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