MOOT – Exciting Explorers!

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Over the past two weeks, children in Year 5/6 have managing their own time (M.O.O.T.) to research and create a project based on an explorer of their own choice! Using the skills they had learnt when finding out about Sir Ernest Shackleton, they conducted their own research to make notes on and then write a biography of an explorer of their choice!

In addition, they applied their sketching skills from the Autumn’s Term’s Art topic to create wonderful front covers and works of art inspired by their explorer!

Using their map skills from our recent Geography topic, they created maps that charted the expeditions their explorers went on.

All this was done whilst having to organise themselves and manage their own time effectively! The outcomes coming in so far this week have been amazing, and really demonstrate the independent application of everything they have been taught this year! Well done children!

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