Facts about finches!

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In our Year 5/6 Science topic this week, we have been continuing to learn about the naturalist, geologist and biologist, Charles Darwin and his discoveries on the Galapagos Islands that led to his theory of evolution. This is a crucial part of our scientific learning, not only to increase our scientific knowledge, but also to discover more about important scientists throughout history.

After learning about his early life and the path to the HMS Beagle expedition, we learnt about the incredible discoveries that Darwin made when he reached the Galapagos Islands.

We learnt of Darwin’s theory that the finches were not in fact different species, but varieties of the same species that had evolved over time to survive in the different environments of the island!

We then thought more broadly about why animals need to adapt to their environment to survive and thought about specific examples from our own knowledge!

We agreed that finches are rather fascinating!

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