A Fantastic Start!

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The children in Year 5/6 have had to quickly adjust to new routines and new ways of learning over the past few weeks – and what a wonderful job they have done! Whether they have been using our online remote learning platform Showbie to access their work, or if they’ve been attending school as keyworker children, it has been humbling to see just how adaptable they really are to this new situation!

Our main topic for this half term has been focused on the life of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his remarkable ‘Endurance’ expedition to Antarctica. The children have been using their Geography skills to plot his route, their research skills to find our about the geographic features of Antarctica and their writing skills to create detailed biographies of his life.

For their biographies, they had to initially immerse themselves in the text type by reading a range of different biographies, identifying key features. After this, they had to undertake painstaking research to sift out relevant facts about his life. Finally, they had to use their writing skills to turn their notes into a finished piece and used their IT skills to create high quality published biographies!

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton Biography example

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