Conversions week!

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This week in year 6, the children have been learning more about conversions. This involved exploring both kilometres and miles, and how to convert between the two. During Wednesday’s lesson, children explored different ways of partitioning a mile into metres (using part-whole models), and were given the challenge of finding the best way to run a mile around the playground…with only a metre stick to find their route. It was wonderful to see the children working mathematically and using their knowledge of area and perimeter to find an effectively and reliable route. We then took our learning back inside the classroom and found that running 18 laps around the playground would work out as being a mile long.

At the end of the week, the children looked at estimation once again to see if they could work out how quickly they could run 1 mile. First, the children timed themselves running one lap of the playground, then running 6. We then worked out what our estimated times would be if we continued on at the same pace. It was a fantastic way for children to draw together so many mathematical skills, create their own data and solve a challenge within a real life scenario!

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