Year 3/4’s disgusting digestive system!

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In year 3/4 this week we have been learning about our digestive system. We followed the beginning of the process with a plate of food (baked beans on toast and orange juice) all the way to the end with the food exiting our bodies-EW! We created the digestive system and represented every part of it in different ways.

First, we mashed up our food in the mouth using teeth and saliva. Next, we swallowed the food down the oesophagus into the stomach which contained stomach acid. We churned up our food representing the muscles in our stomach. Enzymes and bile from the pancreas and live, helped us to break down our food. Then, our food travelled through the small and big intestines where water and nutrients were absorbed into the body. Finally, the waste product exited our body through our rectum.

This model helped us to understand our digestive system really well, but it also made us feel really gross!

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