Invasion games!

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Our topic in PE this term has been invasion games. This week saw the classes look at teamwork and tactics in more detail and work upon analysing their performance to see how they could improve. The aim of the game was to invade another teams zone without getting tagged and get your whole team onto the opposite line. After some hard fought out matches (with even the teachers getting involved!), children reflected on the importance of tactics to help achieve their goal, constant communication throughout each game and the importance of being adaptable to reflect and change strategy if you need!

Our school golden goals were a key discussion point as children talked about the importance of being ready within a game and to be aware of what was going on around them. Children said they needed to be safe when travelling around and being respectful through showing sportsmanship to follow the rules and be gracious in whether they won or lost.

We’re excited to explore another invasion game next week!

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