Year 3/4’s Egg-cellent Egg-speriment!

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Recently in Year 3/4, we’ve been learning about the different types of teeth we have, and why it’s so important to keep them clean. We talked about different types of drinks and which ones we thought would be better and worse for our teeth. To test out our theories, we left some eggs (to represent teeth) in plastic bags filled with different liquids, then monitored what happened to them over five days.

Some of the results were similar to what we expected; for example, the egg that was sitting in water looked the same after five days. With the milk, even though the liquid itself didn’t look very nice after five days out of the fridge, the egg itself remained relatively unchanged as well – we predicted this because milk contains calcium, which is good for your teeth.

We also predicted that the egg submerged in Coke would be stained after five days, and we were right. The most surprising results were the eggs in orange juice and vinegar. Since orange juice us made of fruit, which is good for you, some of us thought that it wouldn’t damage the egg, but we were wrong! Because of the acids in the juice, the shell had started peeling away after five days – it made us think twice about drinking  too much of it, and remembering to clean our teeth! The egg soaked in vinegar was the most fascinating: when we pulled it out of the vinegar, we found the shell had completely dissolved. What was left was the squishy, translucent insides – we could even see the yolk! – and it had been stained brown.

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