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Across our first half term back, the year 5/6 classes have explored a range of topics across our afternoon subjects. Within art, the children have practiced their skills of sketching to re-create a Paul Nash piece of art work from 1918. The final results have been absolutely fantastic, and real credit to the children for fully immersing themselves within the task to produce detailed pieces of work. Continuing on with our WWII topic, the children also had a creating a Winston Churchill speech, some children even putting on some incredibly authentic voices! Finally, within science we have been exploring and building upon our understanding of light, and experimenting with the size of shadows from shadow puppets depending on their distance from the light source.

We are excited to finish off our topic areas this week, and all us teachers could not be more impressed with the children’s enthusiasm to get involved with every lesson and showcase their BLP skills. You will find many of these brilliant pieces of work within the children’s best books that will be coming home at the end of the year, but if you can’t wait until then, you may find some on your child’s showbie account!

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