MOOT projects – Inventions

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In Year 5/6, we have been starting our first MOOT projects.  MOOT stands for Managing Our Own Time.  The purpose of MOOT is to help develop our skills involved with creating an independent project.  These include the ability to organise ourselves, research effectively, carefully draft and edit work, all to produce a finished project of high quality.

Over the course of our MOOT time we will create front covers using our sketching skills, apply our data handling skills to display graphical data, use our geographical skills to create maps, and also use our literacy skills to write about our subject.

For the first project, we are looking at the theme of ‘Inventions’.  So far, we have created front covers, started our research and are displaying data in graphical form.  We are needing to use all of our BLP skills of being resilient and resourceful to successfully manage our projects!

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