What A Buzz!

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Last week, Year 5/6 built on their electricity knowledge gained in Year 3/4 by learning about circuit diagrams, switches, and the effect of increasing voltage in a circuit.

At the start of the week, they were shown Mr Dodson’s latest, greatest invention: the Two-Tone Buzzer Box! This box had two buttons on the front, and when they were pressed in, each one made a differently pitched buzz. Over the course of the week, the children learned the skills that would enable them to make their own buzzer boxes. For example, they found out that the higher the voltage in the circuit (i.e. the number of cells), the higher the pitch of the sound the buzzers made.

By Friday, they knew everything they needed, so were set free to build their own boxes with no instructions from the teacher! Not only did this mean they had to apply their learning independently, but it also led to each group’s buzzer box looking and working slightly differently.

By the end of the week, the boxes weren’t the only things buzzing – the excited children were too!

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