London Sinfonietta Concert

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In Year 5-6 this week, we have had the incredible opportunity to listen to high quality live music played by the world-famous London Sinfonietta.  The ‘Repeating Patterns’ concert took place at the Turner Sims Concert Halls.

It was a specially devised concert for KS2 pupils to introduce them to the world of minimalist music.  We explored the work of several famous composers, including Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Pauline Oliveros.  There were participatory exercises within the concert that encouraged us to join in and make our own minimalist music!

Back in class, we have been looking in more detail at Terry Riley’s composition ‘In C’ and have been attempting to create our own multi-layered tracks using Garage Band incorporating the themes and approaches from Terry’s work.

We all agreed that this was a fantastic, at times challenging, and certainly interesting opportunity to listen to music we had never encountered before!

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