Butser Farm

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Our first day back to school was great- we went on a trip to Butser Farm. Butser Farm is a living museum where we got to learn all about life in the stone age. We were able to sit inside stone age inspired huts where there was a fire in the middle and stone age style paintings on the walls. We also got to participate in several stone age activities including fence building (wattling), chalk and flint carving, making cordage (rope from plant fibres) and an archaeology dig to find artefacts. We managed to find lots of flint and animal bones. We had to think carefully about what the artefacts could tell us about stone age life.

This was just the start of our topic so we are looking forward to putting our newly learnt information to good use in the form of information texts on the stone age. We will also be continuing our learning at school and posing questions for ourselves to research answer

Butser Farm - Wattling

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