Self-Portrait Sketching Skills

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During this term in Year 5/6, we have been developing our sketching skills.  We began by linking our learning and drawing upon (no pun intended) skills and techniques we learnt in previous years at Highfield.

After this, we focused on shading and perspective, learning and developing these techniques over a series of lessons. We carefully practised these skills before eventually applying them to a final piece of artwork.

However, before creating our self-portraits, we also spent time investigating the work of other famous artists who had sketched self-portraits.  Discussing our interpretations and reactions to these pieces of art helped us to think about the mood and feelings we wanted our viewer to feel.

It was then time to create our self-portraits.  We did this by firstly taking a black-and-white photograph of ourselves, which we posed for intentionally to create a specific mood.  Resilience, in the form of absorption and perseverance were key BLP skills we had to employ for the sketching stage.

We are really proud of all of our efforts and can’t wait for you to see them!

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