Keeping Healthy in Year 5/6!

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This term in Asia’s Science lessons, we have been learning about keeping healthy with Mrs Shave.

To begin with, we found out about how our heart works, taking a closer look at the different chambers inside, and following the route that blood takes around the body.

Next, we learned about other organs involved in the circulatory system such as the lungs, where blood becomes oxygenated. We also found out about how the nutrients from our food are absorbed into the blood stream.

More recently, we have been planning an investigation to try and found out of there is a link between how much exercise you do in a week and how quickly your pulse returns to its resting pace after exercise – that was a very active afternoon!

Before we started this unit, we certainly knew that it was important to keep fit and healthy, but now we understand the Science behind it a lot more!

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