Greek Week – Mask Making

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While the Year 6s are at Fairthorne, Year 5 have been enjoying a special ‘Greek Week’ linked to our Autumn Term topic.  At the end of the week, we will be showcasing all our fantastic learning to the parents, including a Greek play, a fashion show, food tasting and much, much more.

We started the week by learning about Greek theatre.  Did you know that actors (always male) used a variety of Greek masks to bring their characters to life? The masks had exaggerated features and were bright and colourful.  Using all our creative juices and artistic flare, we designed our very own masks to be used in Friday’s play.

Firstly, we used internet research to find out about particular characters and their characteristics.  We sketched initial ideas, ensuring they were simple enough to be be recreated as a mask, and at the same time displayed the key features of the original masks.

It was then time to get making! We used newspaper and paper plates to sculpt 3D papier-mâché masks.  After these had set, we used our colour mixing skills and painting techniques to make our masks stand out to even the furthest audience member!

Hopefully, come Friday, they will help us to put on a spectacular show!

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