Egyptian Cinderella- the children’s version!

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This week we have continued our writing project on the Egyptian Cinderella. The children have made links with the themes in the traditional version of Cinderella and have used images from Egyptian Cinderella to support their aural story telling. The children are now in the process of writing their own versions of the ending. Here are two fantastic examples of writing from this week.

Gleb- extract where the Pharaoh is searching the land for the owner of the rose-gold slipper:

The Pharaoh travelled on his luxury ship made with only the finest wood in Egypt. He searched near and far, day and night on the River Nile, bobbing up and down on the sapphire-blue waters. The cool breeze blew into the Pharaoh’s face followed by a refreshing spray of water. He passed great monuments like the Pyramid of Giza, the great Sphinx and other great monuments. The Pyramids were so good they almost pulled him to the edge of the ship. The golden sand crumbled down to the bottom of the Pyramids. Now the river seemed like it was a million diamonds as it was mid-day and Ra (the sun god) was above him.

Melody- the final scene, will the main character reach the pharaoh to try on the slipper:

Later on Rhodophis was looking out of her window, longing that she was more careful about seeing the Pharaoh. Then, she realised there was an old, bronze, rusty key on her wooden stall next to her bed. Quickly, she darted and grabbed it. She carefully slotted the key into the manky keyhole. Pop! The door flung open. Dashing down the stairs she ran. Pow! She punched door and took a step outside. Just at that moment, a swell of charcoal, black mist dragged her down to the floor. No matter how many times she tried to pull herself up she just couldn’t. The smoke engulfed her forcing her to keep down. But then the mist cleared off and there she saw the Pharaoh…

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