Bug Hotels!

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We had a great start to the Summer term in Asia and North America classes this week, going outside to build hotels for minibeasts in the school grounds. Usually, it’s best to build these kinds of habitats in the Autumn, to provide a place for insects to hibernate over Winter, but as we are learning about insect life cycles in Science this term, we thought it would be a good idea to get them done now.

Using materials we’d brought in from home, we constructed strong, sturdy frames for our hotels (Asia used bricks whilst North America used wooden pallets) in a sheltered place with level ground. We then stuffed the nooks and crannies with natural materials that we thought would make cosy homes for bugs, such as pine cones and straw. We even did a bit of drilling, creating safe areas for insects to nestle down into.

We had a lovely time making the bug hotels – hopefully our first guests will start moving in soon!

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