World War II Tea Dance

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Last week, we did WW2 activities whilst the Year 6s were at Fairthorne. On Friday afternoon we held a WW2 tea party in the hall so we had to spend the week preparing for it.

Throughout the week, we made props, rehearsed a play, designed tickets, all to get ready for the tea party. We also spent the morning making sandwiches and baking cakes.

We started of the by learning about Winston Churchill and his great speech that he gave to Britain in the 1940s. Then we had to make our own speeches about wartime campaigns. We were resourceful as we used the iPads to help us with our campaigns, which included ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ and ‘Back into the Factories’.

In Maths we were looking at how the British invented a machine which was used to crack the codes that the Germans made. Mr Dodson gave us some examples of codes that we had to crack ourselves – we had lots of fun doing this!

The event was a great success and we raised lots of money for the Royal British Legion.

Written by CNH, BH and AT in Asia Class


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