Fabulous Fairthorne!

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Last week, the Year 6 children had a simply amazing time at Fairthorne Manor where they spent a week on residential.  During the course of the week, we witnessed children overcoming fears and challenges, whether it be by conquering the climbing tower, trying new food or living away from parents for a week.  In addition, we saw new friendships blossom, new skills developed and memories made!

The weather was kind to us on the whole, with the notable exception of Storm Ali that is!  But high winds did not deter our young adventurers who took part in a staggering number of activities during their stay, which ranged from water-based fun such as paddle boarding to scaling the heights of the climbing tower!

The behaviour of the children was exemplary throughout, and all adults who went agreed that this year’s bunch were magnificent!  Sleep was never a problem, with most children safely and soundly snoozing away by 9:30pm each night.  One particular dorm even informed us that they were going to sleep and to please not disturb them – all before the 9pm lights out curfew!

A huge thank you must go to the adults who kindly gave up their time and energy to help make this a truly brilliant week!

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