The Water Cycle

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For the past few weeks, Asia class have been learning in depth about the water cycle. Most of us already knew the basic story of water’s journey from sea to sky to land, but we found out this year that it’s actually a lot more complicated than that!
For example, we learnt that the scientific word for water falling from the clouds to the earth as rain, hail or snow is called precipitation. We also considered other paths that water may take in the water cycle; for instance, what happens to it if it is drunk by animals, and what if it falls somewhere so cold that it becomes part of a glacier?
We have shown our understanding of the water cycle in a number of ways: we started by filming a video explaining the paths that water can take; we then wrote a ‘choose your own adventure’-style story that gave the reader the choice of which path the water molecule should take on its journey; and we also made 3D models using mod-rock, one of which you can see a picture of in this blog!
Next time you turn on the tap for a glass of water, just take a moment to consider the amazing journey it has been on before reaching your home!

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