What do trees mean to us?

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This afternoon, Europe class took to the sunshine to hang up our work from last term on trees as symbols. We looked at how trees are used as symbols in society today, and explored our own personal perceptions and thoughts of trees within our community. On the leaves, the children wrote what trees mean to them. Their opinions range from the giving of life itself, a place of refuge, and an overall symbol of ecological preservation.
As a class, the children decided the different spots they wanted to hang their own leaves with their thoughts. They decided over by the fence outside Australasia because it is where people can sit in the shade, relax, and reflect, which was considered a perfect spot for others to share their opinions of what trees mean to them. The class also decided to hang their leaves outside South Americas classroom, so they can be a reminded to children entering the playground at break and lunch times, to respect and serve the trees we have in our playground.
Overall, the topic as a whole has been a fantastic opportunity to look deeper into the variety of perceptions the class had on trees and how they can love and serve the tress in their local environment. To be able to share and spread this knowledge with the junior school was a great plenary to our topic and we look forwards to the leaves spreading discussion throughout the school.

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