A sophisticated argument!

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This afternoon in Europe class, we had a big class discussion all about the myth we have been studying for the past few weeks in R.E, Persephone and the Seasons. The aim of the lesson was to see if we could agree who was at fault for Persephone needing to spend six months of the year with Hades in the Underworld, and six month of the year with her mother Demeter. Some argued that it was Hades who was in the wrong, because he stole Persephone in the first place. Although, some then dismissed this point, stating that it was in fact Demeter who was wrong for trying to hide Persephone away from the Gods. The discussion then took a big turn, when it was then decided that if the gardener had not told Hades that Persephone had eaten from the underworld, then Persephone could have left to never return!
All in all, it was a fantastic lesson hearing about the variety of opinions the class had. They were all able to articulate their thoughts, linking it back to the story and the definition of a myth as a whole, and if it wasn’t for our afternoon History lesson, I’m sure they would all still be arguing about it now! Fantastic job Europe!

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