The Ancient Maya

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 Our topic this term is the Ancient Maya, a civilisation who lived in Central America over 1000 years ago. We have been learning about what their cities were like, how their culture was discovered by European explorers, and using artefacts to figure out what life might have been like for them.
We’ve also been learning about their writing system: the Ancient Maya used glyphs (a bit like Egyptian hieroglyphics) instead of an alphabet like ours, and words were either represented as logograms (one picture shows one word) or syllabograms (glyphs are combined to sound out a word). We sounded out our names and used Maya glyphs to write them out – it was pretty tricky!
We also studied the Maya art style found on their stone carvings, and  drew our own modern pictures in the Ancient Maya style.
There’s lots more still to come in the topic, including learning about their religious beliefs and writing our own Maya inspired stories – we can’t wait!

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