Maya Chocolate Champions!

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Did you know that we have the Ancient Maya to thank for chocolate? Historians believe they were the first civilisation to discover cocoa, harvesting the pods and making the beans into a liquid that would become a tasty treat. In Year 5/6, we’ve been studying the Maya since the beginning of term, and what better excuse do we need to celebrate the end of SATS week than to design and make our own chocolates?
Using a mixture of melted chocolate, cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla essence and some of our own special ingredients, we rolled out our own truffles, and by adding melted chocolate into moulds along with combinations of biscuits, caramel, marshmallow and, in the case of one group, even chopped up mint leaves, we created our own bars that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of!
What a great way it was to say well done to all the Year 6s and the hard work they’ve put into doing their SATS this week!

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