Unearthing treasure from the Bible

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In North America, we have been learning more about important characters and stories from the Bible.  Our focus for this term is Daniel.
Firstly, we discussed what we knew about the character from a piece of artwork based on the famous story from the Bible.  After this, we watched a short animated film that provided a useful interpretation of the story, taking notes about the character along the way.
Then it was times to read and compare two text versions of the story, one written in a simplistic way, and another from the King James version of the Bible.
Using all of this information, we created a character profile of Daniel, describing his strengths and weaknesses, any particularly interesting information about him, and getting an idea of his background.  Sharing our ideas, we all noticed that he showed a lot of faith and TRUST in the story.  We reflected on how this linked into our own school core values.
Later on this week, we are going to create our very own version of the story for a particular audience!  Watch this space…

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