Our Cosmic Space Topic!

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This term we have been reading the book ‘Cosmic’. This is a story about a boy called Liam, who is so tall that his mother has to get a chair to reach up to his head and top measure it. He’s so tall, he even got mistaken for an adult and ended up going up into space!
We used the book as an inspiration in Literacy to write a short story scene about a character going to space. In addition to that, we have been making space buggies out of wood in DT that can actually move on their own! Whilst we were doing this, we learnt how they worked and why they did not have a roof – there is no weather on the moon, and it would be a waste of material!
Additionally, in French, we have been learning about the solar system using French words to describe the planets. The planets in the solar system in French are Mercure (Mecury), Vénus (Venus), La Terre (the Earth), Mars(Mars), Jupiter (Jupiter), Saturne (Saturn), Uranus (Uranus) and Neptune (Neptune).
Written by SK and NY

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