Weather Alert – Update

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We are keeping you updated about our planned response to the weather forecast for the next two days.
The Met Office have upgraded their assessment of the weather here tomorrow there is an yellow warning of snow from 8.00am increasing to an amber warning from midday.  This risk is only one away from the most severe (red).
In deciding what to do about the school, we have to balance the fact that we are a public service with the risks posed by staying open.  At the moment we plan to open as usual.  However, we may need to close early tomorrow, possibly by lunch or before.  We will communicate this on the website, by email, on the app and by text.
It is impossible for us to analyse everyone’s journey to school, so you will need to carry out your own risk assessment based on your journey and availability, taking into account the met office advice. If you consider it too risky to make your journey, or you would not be available to collect your child early if the school were to close, you have to decide whether to send your child to school or not. If you choose not to send your child in, you must notify the school by leaving a message by contacting the school 02380555793 (option 1) and leaving a message.  This is so we know where children are for safeguarding purposes.  This will not affect attendance records as there is a special code we can use in the register for such emergency circumstances.  It is, of course, possible that the weather will miss us entirely but the most important thing is for the members of our school community (children, parents and staff) to remain safe.
Thank you for your understanding – stay warm!

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