E- Safety – important!

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We teach children E safety as part of our curriculum but please remain vigilant about digital access at home. Password protection and firewalls can reduce risks but adults that prey on children can find ways around this (as the media all too often tells us). We want to create a culture where children say  if they have seen or heard things that are wrong.
Apps like “WhatsApp” and Facebook etc are not recommended for children of primary age. Google searches on IPads/computers can  reveal unsuitable content if sufficient parental controls have not been activated. Interactive video games such as XBoxlive can expose children to strangers that children consider to be “friends”. These friends can be adults.
Please familiarise yourself with the E safety power point on the website as well as other useful links from NSPCC on our Parent Information section.  There is also a  free NSPCC parental controls helpline on 08008005002.

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