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In Year 5/6 this term, we have been looking at the concept (or ‘Big Idea’) of Devotion. It is really important that we first think about what the word means to us. We call this the ‘Communication’ stage of our RE Concept Cycle. In groups, and then as a class, we discussed what we thought the definition of Devotion might be. After this, we started to think about what devotion might involve and what examples of devotion there are in our world.
We then undertook an enquiry to see what real-life examples we could find. These tended to range from groups who were religiously devoted to people who had life-long obsessions with football teams or pop stars.
In pairs, we were then tasked with using our creative juices to come up with a digital collage that depicted what Devotion was all about. Here are some examples of our work! We found this to be a really engaging and enjoyable way to show our learning!

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