London's Burning…

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What a super start to the half term in Year 1/2! The children have brought the events of the Great Fire of London to life using drama, have made bread and learnt about how the Great Fire started in 1666, and have created artwork to depict a scene from those fateful days.
This week, children have learnt about London now in 2018, and London in 1666, and written setting descriptions. They have added detail to their descriptions in the form of subordination in Year 2, and Year 1 have learnt to use ‘and’ as a conjunction! We will continue our learning next week as we learn more about the number of buildings that were destroyed in Maths, and think about the events of the Great Fire in Literacy.
It was brilliant to look at and share such superb home learning about the Great Fire of London as well! You will see it proudly displayed in the classrooms, so that the children can use it to support their learning this half term!

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